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Nemo Experience, we take you to discover the depths of the Oceans with Club Vip Experience

Nemo Experience

Club Vip Experience offers its members one of the best experiences in the world, discovering the depths of the ocean in an adventure aboard a private submarine.

Descend up to 200 meters, take part in an expedition and approach to hidden Roman and Greek shipwrecks that still keep inside hidden treasures ...

The submarine

The company U-Boat Worx, leader in private submarines and with headquarters around the planet, offers us different submarines with capacities from 2 to 9 people (submarine pilot included). The models are equipped and can be immersed up to 1,000 meters deep, driven by a professional pilot.

One of our basic programs, with an initial duration of 4 days, includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation and breakfast in a 5 * Hotel in Malta
  • one night accommodation in the explorer yacht "ALQ", the support vessel that carries the submarine.

Nemo Program

It takes place in Malta, the most historic island of the Mediterranean Sea, known for its many remains of deep wrecks.

During the experience, you will spend your days aboard the yacht explorer 'Alq', the yacht is comfortable and you can use a stateroom with private bathroom, for rest and storage of your daily luggage. Lunch, snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic) are included in the yacht "ALQ".

In the morning we pick you up, and at night the next day we bring you back to your hotel. At least one night we will pass it on board, as the explored dive sites are too far to return back to the hotel on the same day.

Before the experience, it is necessary to realize a small formative theoretical course.

The manual and instructions will be sent to your address by mail after confirming the reservation.

Each day of diving will end with extensive immersion verification to ensure that the submarine is properly stored. The wind and waves will predict the circumstances of the program, so a measure of flexibility is something we must all carry throughout this exciting experience.

During the 2 days of the ship, about 6 dives are planned for the submarine.

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