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Tandem jump from a Globe to 3000 meters high.

From 1 to 4 people What includes:

  • Jumping for 1 person in tandem to 3000 meters of height
  • Accident insurance included
  • Different locations to choose from Valid throughout the year
  • Recording the jump + 300 euros (delivered on a pendrive)

The tandem jump in parachutes from a balloon is one of the most dizzying experiences that a person can make in his life, Club Vip Experience puts at your disposal this unique experience in which you can enjoy together with your friends.

Generally in a jump that is realized from about 3000 meters in tandem, the free fall lasts approximately 1 minute of a total of 5 that happen until contact with terra firma is made.

This sport creates the maximum adrenaline that a person can experience in life without a doubt.

Thanks to the tandem jump mode, it is possible that people who do not have any experience with skydiving can do free fall jumps. This mode consists of performing a jump of two people, in which an experienced parachute instructor takes control of the jump.

The free fall in parachutes consists of making a jump from a Balloon that rises to 3,000 meters in height, the sensation in the jump is totally different to the one realized from an airplane.

The parachute opens at 1,500 meters, descending at a speed of 180 km / h. And 250 km / h ..

Free fall in tandem jumping is recommended to practice in areas where the landscape is of great visual richness, so that the images you receive remain impregnated in your retina for life.

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