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Enjoy an unlimited experience at the Shark Adventure Bahamas, where you can take one of the most exciting dives of your life.

Our dive program introduces divers into the habitat of wild sharks and provides you with a real insight into these magnificent creatures, we currently have 4 shark diving zones, where we will begin with a first "free style" "Where the customer will swim in first place surrounded by Trigre Sharks, sharks pry the diver creating a very natural encounter, knowing that soon the time of dinner will come. On your second dive, we will remain at the bottom of the sand, where we will remain kneeling while the divers form a semicircle in front of our professional sharks feeder, which will place a bait box.

The professional feeder uses this bait box and a pole lance to control the release of food that influences the behavior of sharks.

As sharks feed, they also get closer, but are only interested in bait.

The program includes:

  • Direct flight from Madrid to Barcelona
  • 2 or 3 nights accommodation in a 4 or 5 star hotel
  • Transfers from the Airport to the hotel, Nasau and return.
  • accident insurance price per person

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