How to become a member?

In order to enjoy a quality private club, we need new members and companies that join the Club Vip Experience to meet certain requirements, since our products and services are aimed at a demanding public, who likes to enjoy a select environment but You want to be comfortable.

There are diferents ways to join the Vip Experience Club:

  • As a client at Patricia Emerald
  • Belonging to Club23 Barcelona
  • By invitation of a Member
  • By the invitation of an associate company to the Club VIP
  • Sending a request to the Club Vip Experience (In a very short time we will contact you and we will answer your request)

What can the Club offer to new members?

In our club members will enjoy unique experiences, original activities and exclusive products, all in one place. With the guarantee and quality of companies of recognized international prestige.

Types of Members

To reward the loyalty of the members, we have created different types of member, increasing the privileges and bonuses as the partner acquires greater commitment within the CVE.

To buy in our Luxury Shopping, to enjoy any of our different experiences, or to make some economic contribution in the zone of investments, are some of the differents options to change the tipe of member in the Club.

For this, we have created an expense table in which the member will increase their level and privileges as you use our different services.

The types of existing Members are:

  • Guest (Welcome)
  • Silver (annual cost valued from 2,000 to 5,000 euros)
  • Gold (annual cost valued from 5,001 to 10,000 euros)
  • Platinum (annual expenditure valued from 10,001 onwards)
  • Star (Directed to personalities and elite athletes, same privileges as Platinum)